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When the Doctor becomes the Patient….

Today was a day like any other except it was the day I was to have a lump in my breast evaluated. I am not used to being the patient, I am the one who completes the exam, orders the test, reviews the results and discusses the outcome with the patient. This was a different side of the lense, one that made me slightly uncomfortable.     

Two weeks ago I found the breast mass, it was something I did not want to make a big deal of. I mean my family history is negative for breast cancer and lots of family members have fibrocystic breast disease. I reviewed in my mind all the possible outcomes but after a week or two of it not resolving I felt it was time for further evaluation.

Today, I went to obtain a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. My experience at the Patewood Campus of the Greenville Health System was a very pleasant one. This was great to experience for myself as I have many patients that go there to obtain their testing. I had no wait time, was escorted back quickly and was greeted by extremely nice technicians. The ladies were exceptionally calm, and patient as this was the first time I had had a mammogram. It was quiet, calm, professional. The procedures were not painful, a little uncomfortable however, but I wanted to obtain a good reading so was happy to accomodate . I obtained results within minutes from the radiologist and am relieved to say that it did not look suspicious for malignancy.

After this experience, I have learned many things. The most important is that breast exams are important, you can find lumps and breast abnormalities and you can have them evaluated in a very simple, efficient, and effective way. Second, I have a better perspective of what my patients experience when I ask them to obtain their yearly mammogram. Finally, illness and disease are scary things, especially when it is yourself and I will never forget the moment I became the patient and what that felt like.

  1. Dorothy Watts

    Fhank you for sharing. This is your remimder of the little control we actually have over our lives and how imporant it is to exercise the control we do

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